Curriculum Vitae

Dr Phillip J Roach 

Profession:                   Geophysicist

Qualifications:               B.Sc. (Hons), Ph.D.

Nationality:                   British

Date of Birth:                25.01.55

Languages:                   English, Dutch 


      Over the past 29 years, I have gained a wide experience within the petroleum industry in both the exploration and production disciplines. At the end of February 2004, I became an independent Geophysical Consultant. Prior to this, I worked for Atlantis as Chief Geophysicist since 1997 as part of a small management group that built an asset portfolio from scratch, centred mainly in the Middle East and North Africa. During this period, I was responsible for all geophysical matters.  

      My experience relates to periods with three companies, Shell International, Energy Resource Consultants (ERC) and Atlantis, plus my time as an independent consultant. Much of this experience relates to seismic interpretation, which has been carried out at regional, prospect and field levels in a broad range of settings (including the North Sea, Norway, Middle East and North and West Africa but extending worldwide). 

      I joined Shell in 1978 and worked in Holland, UK and Nigeria, initially as a seismic processor but then as a seismic interpreter in both Exploration and Production departments. I left Shell in July 1991 to join Energy Resource Consultants (ERC) as Manager of Geophysics for the TIGRESS project where I specified and supervised the development of geophysical interpretation software in TIGRESS. In February 1993, I became Head of Geophysics, responsible for all geophysical matters within ERC and both managed and carried out numerous projects, including asset evaluations, integrated field studies, seismic interpretations and technical audits over a wide geographical area. I have extensive data room experience. I participated as Principal Geophysicist in two Expert Studies, the Independent Expert resolution of a technical dispute involving the detailed interpretation, time to depth conversion and mapping of a North Sea oil field and the Independent Expert resolution of Tract Participations of a Southern North Sea gas field, the latter being a Final Equity Determination. In addition, I took part in various Equity support projects.

       I moved to Atlantis in 1997 as Chief Geophysicist, responsible for all geophysical matters, covering acquisition, processing and interpretation disciplines. By the end of February 2004, when I left Atlantis, acquisition and processing of almost 5,000 square kilometres of 3D seismic data (13 separate surveys) had been carried out, both onshore and offshore, utilising towed streamer, ocean bottom cable, vibroseis and multi-component techniques. Interpretations were based mainly in the Middle East and North Africa, and included exploration, appraisal and field development work. In addition, I carried out numerous asset evaluations during this period while pursuing new opportunities for Atlantis.

        On leaving Atlantis during the first quarter of 2004, I became a Geophysical Consultant. Projects have included work on UK (North Sea), Middle Eastern, North and West African, South American and Indian assets, and have included geophysical interpretations, exploration evaluations, asset valuations, equity studies, prospectivity analysis, data room evaluations, seismic and VSP processing supervision, VSP interpretation and non-seismic geophysics.